What We Do

Results Fitness Lifestyle is dedicated to creating lifestyle communities that “up the amenities ante” for developers and property management organizations. The RFL vision insists on providing service excellence across the board; from the builder to the ultimate end user, the resident.

Recreational Management and Staffing

Recreational Responsibilities:

  • Ensure facility sign-ins/outs
  • Check residents ID card when they enter the gym
  • Make sure all fitness equipment is being used with proper form and technique to avoid injury
  • Ensure facility policy and regulations are adhered to
  • Maintain the use of recreational equipment and facilities
  • Assist in planning and developing  recreational programs in order to ensure that activities and events are made available for all community members
  • Supervise gym and other amenities
  • To inspect the facility at the beginning and end of each shift as per the checklist document and submit the completed document to Property Management.
  • Provide daily inventory and maintenance reports of all facilities and equipment
  • Any damage, incident or deficiency will be reported immediately and emailed to Results and Property management.
  • Coordinate an active community relations campaign to promote recreational activities and programs
  • Record information and prepare reports concerning community building programs,  number of participants and equipment and facility use
  • Ensure that all programs and activities are implemented according to relevant legislation, policies and procedures
  • Work as a team, alongside with Management and security to ensure a safe and clean community
  • Monthly equipment demonstration, to help residents familiarize themselves with the equipment to be used safely and effectively.
  • Daily pool duties - to keep a swimming pool & and whirlpool clean, safe and visually appealing and maintain the chemical balance in the water, vacuum and clean scum line and monitor residents that are using the facility. Record log in book.

Fitness and Social programs

Customized fitness classes and Social Activities plus wellness seminars based on community demographics.  RFL provides wide range of programs such as:
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Zumba
  • Aqua Fit
  • Body Sculpt
  • Athletic Training
  • Cardio and Strength
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition programs
  • Running Clinics
  • Swim lessons
  • Social Activities: (Billiard tournaments, Poker night, Kids arts and craft, Mom & Toddler social club, movie nights, and more)
  • Sports Game Nights and Tournaments (Squash, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Indoor soccer and Floor hockey)
  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Massage Therapists
  • Holistic Nutritionist
  • And many more…


  • Property Management Care Program - software for property managers to track usage and performance reports
  • Resident Engagement Program
  • Customized website for residents to view and sign up for classes and activities

Fitness Equipment Supply and Maintenance Services

Results Fitness Lifestyle has equipped and designed over 38 residential condominiums with fitness equipment.

  • Purchasing new fitness equipment
  • Trade in old fitness equipment

Pool and Spa Maintenance and Repair

Pool Maintenance - Results Fitness Lifestyle Recreational Coordinator are highly trained, qualified and responsible for the day to day maintenance of your swimming pool, whirlpool or hot tub:poolmaintenance-298x418




  • Vacuum Pool    
  • Clean Scum-line
  • Brush Pool
  • Clean out skimmer baskets  
  • Backwash filter(s)  
  • Clean out strainer basket(s)    
  • Top up water
  • Check and calibrate pool controller
  • Test PH balance of pool daily
  • Leave detailed report
  • Provide all pool chemicals
  • Check and record in logbook
  • Vacuum Spa
  • Clean Scum-line
  • Brush spa
  • Clean out skimmer and strainer baskets
  • Backwash filter
  • Top up water
  • Check and calibrate spa controller
  • Test PH balance of spa daily
  • Provide all spa chemicals
  • Drain and refill spa as required (twice weekly)
  • Clean out jets as required
  • Check and record in logbook

Includes 24 hours, 7 days per week live dispatch for any pool and spa emergency and repair.

We also offer maintenance packages with one of our qualified, uniformed, pool technician to maintain your pool to required standard, even if we have no on site staff on your premises.

Our team of Certified Pool Operators can offer your site service in the following areas:
  • Preventative maintenance for swimming pools and whirlpools
  • Lifeguarding services
  • Licensed TSSA mechanics to cover all certifications to repair, restore, and service water slides
  • Opening, closing repair and maintenance of water features
  • We offer training to site superintendents or maintenance staff
  • Provide a full range of swimming pool chemicals
  • Swimming pool coatings, finishes
  • Install new mechanical systems or retrofit existing systems
  • Specialize in all types of swimming pool and whirlpool chemical automation
  • All repairs, renovations and restorations to any indoor or outdoor swimming pool or whirlpool facility
  • Opening and closing services for outdoor swimming pool and whirlpool facilities

Fitness Facility Design and Layout Consulting

Existing Floor Plans

Most facilities in existing condominiums are uninviting; the fitness equipment is placed randomly with no functionality or purpose. We take everything into consideration, the size and shape of the room, where the windows and entrance are…then strategically place the fitness equipment in the proper areas, providing a facility that is inviting, residents feel welcome and enthusiastic to use the facility.

All sites that we have redesigned the average participation and attendance increased by 40%.

New Buildings

We work with condominium developers, designers, architects from the pre-construction stage through to project completion to help create an optimal fitness centre!

  • Functionality Assessment, Equipment Selection & Floor Plan: We help determine the appropriate size of fitness and change room areas along with a selection of equipment specially tailored to meet the needs of your resident demographics. A professional floor plan and layout of the equipment will be provided in compliance with fire and safety regulations, as well as equipment requirements to optimize space without wasting square footage.
  • Electrical Requirements: We advise on the electrical outlets necessary to safely and effectively operate your fitness equipment.
  • Colour, Flooring & Décor: We provide recommendations on colour schemes and location of mirrors, televisions and cardio entertainment options based on the location of the fitness equipment and building style. Our vast flooring selection ranges from traditional athletic rubber flooring to premium hard wood to luxurious tile.
  • Acoustic Analysis: We work with the design team to create the best solution to sound-proof the fitness areas to avoid noise travelling to adjacent units due to dropping weights or loud TV’s.


We take into consideration, the demographics, number of units and amenity space in the building to develop the most optimal facility possible. Our clients tell us that our facilities are inviting when one walks in.  The layout shows its functionality, there is an energy flow that welcomes residents and creates an inspiring space to be their best.