Property Managers

"…Our residents have truly embraced the services of Results Fitness Lifestyle and I have received many compliments expressing to me how pleased and delighted they were that our corporation has put this service in place….."

Jeff To, B.A. | RCM Property Manager

"…I find Results Fitness Lifestyle  to be loyal to clients, customer focused and prompt in replying any questions or concerns that are addressed by residents or Property Manager.  I would highly recommend Results Fitness…"

Lola Kecaj | RCM Larlyn Property Management Ltd.

"…We can heartedly assure any future customer that the services provided by Results Fitness are second to none. Our residents are truly enjoying all the classes and programs provided by Results..."

Enza Rasile | Property Manager Larlyn Property Management Ltd.

"…We are very impressed by the professionalism of Results staff as well as the immediate respond and concern for any questions wemay have…"

Marlin Lapointe | RCM Senior Property Manager

"...Our corporation is pleased to have Results Fitness Lifestyle as one our reputable contractors for their reliable and prompt services…"

Jim O'Neil | RCM Senior Property Management Ltd.